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home | Free Newsletters | Issue 1 - Berardis Fat Loss Intervie . . .

Issue #1 - Berardi's Fat Loss Interview
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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The www.TTmembers.com FREE Newsletter

Inside Issue #1...

1) Nutrition Secrets from Dr. John Berardi

In our fat loss interview section, I spoke with one of the masters of nutrition, Dr. John Berardi...here's a sample of what he has to say about losing fat safely and effectively.

CB: John, let's jump into something that is very popular at this time of year...the "Detox Diet". What is your take on these? Helpful, harmful, harmless? Can they help get someone on track? Is there any detox method you would recommend?


The idea of "detoxing" is very hot right now, so much so that even my mom emailed me the other day asking about this.

My response -- focus on daily detox.

In other words, our every day diets can support the detoxification of environmental chemicals that enter our bodies.

You see, detoxification is happening every day (primarily in the liver) and a healthy liver is very capable of systematic detoxification (just a fancy word for the removal of chemicals that we don't want in our bodies).

Sure, if our livers are unhealthy or we have a poor diet that not only introduces new toxins but also stresses out our physiological systems of detoxification, we may need some "extra help." However, I prefer that my clients never get to this point.

Yet if they do, I focus on daily detoxification through the use of adequate, high quality protein (whey protein can help assist liver detoxification), a high intake of filtered water, a high intake of antioxidant rich fruits and veggies (up to 10-15 servings/day -- again helps with liver detox), a high intake of dietary fiber (which helps bind up GI toxins), supplemental probiotics (live bacteria active in GI detoxification) and daily exercise.

In the end, consistently following a sound exercise and eating plan, is the ultimate detox!

For the rest of this interview, including Dr. Berardi's supplement recommendations, visit this page: http://www.ttmembers.com/members/65.cfm

2) Exercise Video Clip of the Week for Platinum Members

The Stability Ball Jackknife is a tough total body abdominal exercise that can be done without expensive equipment. To view this video, click here: http://www.ttmembers.com/members/122.cfm

3) Forum Topic of the Week: Female Fat Loss

Posted Jan 25,2007 3:02 PM


Are the actual nuts and bolts of female fat loss really all that different from fat loss for those with a Y chromosome? From what I've personally experienced, it pretty much works the same way whether you are male or female: Come up with a nutrition and workout strategy to reach your goal, do your grocery shopping and cooking, and follow through with your chosen plan with integrity and full effort. Men seem to lose fat faster and with less cardio due to the helpful benefits of testosterone, but the basic methodology is the same regardless of gender, correct?

Posted Jan 25,2007 4:58 PM

Jen Heath

No, in most cases the nuts and bolts are pretty much the same. I find that a lot of what you said is true in regard to what we "think about" when we need to lose fat as women in general. Women pretty much don't think about dropping out the beer and hitting the gym. In reality, that type of concept is what it really boils down to...

Dropping out the beer being indicative of better nutrition in VERY general terms and hitting the gym indicative of training with intensity.

Most women I have worked with really just want someone to believe in them, someone they trust and someone that they can feel accountable to until their own opinion of themselves becomes KING and being accountable to themselves becomes something they naturally expect out of themselves. Once they gain the proper knowledge (this is key) and begin implementing it, they start to get the "hang of themselves" if you will and begin to 'own' it.

The psychology of nutrition and training are ENORMOUS factors in female weight loss. Not to say that they are not in male fat loss, as far as women go, it is a really big deal.

I wrote an article that you can view on my website called "5 effective habits for successful physique transformation" that talks about all of the things you mentioned...committment, keeping track of training and nutrition, shopping, food prep, etc...

Believe it or not, these things coupled with an understanding of ones own unique metabolism and what is happening 'inside' can really give anyone, but certainly every woman that I have ever worked with) a really fired up attitude that will lead stright to successful and permanent fat loss.

I am big on educating people about recomposing bodies, not just the what's but the why it is happneing and why it is or isn't working. I feel it is so important that I actually wrote a book about it!

Aside from a few minor differences maybe dealing with stubborn fat or genetic helath issues that can be to men OR women, you are right...the differences are nill!

Take care


Posted Jan 25,2007 6:35 PM

Craig Ballantyne

Jen, feel free to post that article here or put a direct link in your post next time.

Also, while yes, physiologically fat loss is fat loss is fat loss, the mental and social support parts of training are often the "humps" that both men and women have to get around, and those can be quite different between genders.

And while I have trained some great gals that bought into the TT system and benefitted from it, I can't think of one of them that didn't ask at one point, "Will using weights make my arms/legs/butt bigger".

So same, but different.

And Jen touched on it briefly, but the stubborn fat areas between men and women generally do seem to be different. Can't say i've ever received an email from a guy about his inner thighs, but its been countless times I've had that email from a woman.

And I'm not sure I've ever seen cellulite on a guy (not that I've been looking).


Posted Jan 25,2007 6:55 PM

Jen Heath

Okay folks,

Here is the link to the article I wrote about simple things, that must be incorporated in order to succeed. They apply to both men and women and that is for SURE, however, the shopping and cooking (though in order to be politically correct I will qualify that in some cases it is the man that shops, and in some a shared responsibility) these sections in the article do tend very much to help women who are in charge of grocery shopping and preparing food most if not all of teh time in thier households.

Liek I said before, adhering or not adhering can add it's own psychological twist to whatever your mental frame is. The basic stuff that makes is easier to adhere when implemented consistentaly can start an amazing upward and posisitve frame of mind. It's basic, but its the heart of any hardcore committment to get lean:



And don't miss other hot topics in the forum, including the protein powder recommendation I made to one reader that will easily slash his monthly supplement bill by THIRTY dollars!

4) Workout of the Month - February 2007 Unique Unilateral Fat Loss Program

This 4-week fat loss program uses mostly unilateral exercises and almost all new exercises to the Turbulence Training library. It will help you lose fat and build lean muscle - and it's fun!

5) What's Coming Soon on www.TTMembers.com

Part 1 of the Tom Venuto Fat Loss Interview is now up (http://www.ttmembers.com/members/131.cfm), and part 2 is coming next Monday, Feb. 19th. We also have the March 2007 fat loss workout under construction...we're going back to more 10-20 minute fat loss workouts to show you how to get more results in less time!

Thanks for reading this week's TTmembers.com newsletter. To become a member, click here: http://www.ttmembers.com/public/10.cfm


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Author, Turbulence Training

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