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home | Free Newsletters | Issue 2: Tom Venuto Gives the Truth . . .

Issue #2: Tom Venuto Gives the Truth About Cardio in the TT Members FREE Newsletter
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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The www.TTmembers.com FREE Newsletter

Inside Issue #2...

1) Does Slow Cardio Ever Work - Ask Tom Venuto

In our fat loss interview section, we talk to bodybuilder and fat loss expert, Tom Venuto. He knows how to burn the fat as well as anyone. I asked him about cardio for fat loss, and he gave no-holds barred answers. In fact, he gave so much info I had to split it into two workouts.

CB: When did slow cardio work better for you? When you were doing your first show or now doing your 29th?


Slow cardio has never worked very well for me. But we shouldn't take that out of context and I don't think we should completely knock low intensity cardio. We have to define slow, moderate and intense and realize the meaning of intensity can be different from person to person and from goal to goal.

I like longer duration cardio sessions for 30-45 minutes at a moderately intense pace. Usually that's around 145-155 heart rate for me, although I go more by perceived exertion and a certain feeling and I use heart rate more as a reference point than a target.

If I have it pinned at the right intensity, it is not fun, it's hard work. My heart is pounding, I'm breathing heavy and when I get off the machine I'm drenched in sweat and pretty spent.

I don't slow down intentionally under the misconception that I will burn more fat at a lower intensity zone. I think there's a misconception that steady state is the same as low intensity. Intensity and duration are inversely related, but you can go 45 minutes at a relaxed pace like a casual walk or you can go 45 minutes at the highest intensity possible given that duration.

Big difference.

Here's what it boils down to...

For the rest of this interview, including Tom's thoughts on how fat loss has changed with age, visit this page: http://www.ttmembers.com/members/132.cfm

2) Exercise Video Clip of the Week for Platinum Members

The Y-Squat is almost the perfect warm-up exercise. It stretches your pecs, works your lower body, and addresses shoulder mobility.

Click here to watch and listen to the video & instructions: http://www.ttmembers.com/members/148.cfm

(Note: Exercise videos are for Platinum Level Members Only)

3) Forum Topic of the Week: Spot Reduction: Does Research Show It Is Possible?

Posted Mar 05,2007 8:07 AM


Hello, I'm posting this to get some experts' opinions on a study I read about in the latest issue of Fitness RX. I find the study and resulting exercise program prescription laughable.

The study, conducted by Stallknecht, et al. and titled 'Are Blood flow and lipolysis in subcutaneous adipose tissue influeced by contractions in adjacent muscles in humans?' in the American Journal of Physiology and Endocrinology, states that high volume training of the abs, for instance, can cause more fat to be burned from that region. They say blood flow and fat breakdown was higher in the fat next to the exercising muscles than fat adjacent to resting muscles.

The laughable part, to me, is how much exercise one has to do. In the accompanying article with the fitness program prescription, they recommend 45-90 minutes of cardio five days per week with some interval training mixed in. Additionally, the program includes a weight training routine of 12 exercises with 3x10 reps three days a week following the cardio. Then, they say do 300 curl ups 5 days a week. There are two rest days per week.

If I'm doing this routine to the maximum, that would be well over 2.5 hours of gym time three days per week and 1.5 hours the other two days. What's even funnier is the nutrition program they provide is about 2400 calories per day based on my estimation. That seems way too low for the number of calories expended.

So, my question is, does the targeted focus on the abs via the curl ups cause the fat to be burned from the ab region? Or, is it the sheer volume of caloric expenditure cause more fat to be burned all around the body, including the abs. I believe it's the second.

I raise this issue/article because I think the entire program is laughable. Unless you are a professional athlete, who has that much time to spend in the gym. I much rather follow the TT programs and have a life.


Posted Mar 05,2007 8:15 AM

Craig Ballantyne

If spot reduction worked, it would, well, work.

We'd see examples of it everyday.

The study is taken out of context.

The amount of lipolysis was minute.

The magazine does a great dis-service by printing this. I've even read comments (on the Supertraining Yahoo group ) by the magazine contributor of this story stating he didn't really believe it would work. So why would he publish this? Just needed to fill some space?

This "spot reduction approach" is similar to the "fat burning zone" approach.

It takes a myopic look at the fat loss process as a whole, which is an incredibly complex, multi-faced process.

You don't just burn fat during exercise or from a specific spot.

It is occuring all the time, 24 hours a day, and sometimes the fat burning "tap" is opened a little wider. Sometimes it's just a drizzle (ie. when you are eating a big meal).

Thanks for bringing this up Mark, and exposing this information for what it is...a crock of BS.

Again, the real world shows time and time again that this doesn't work,


Read the rest of the discussion here.

4) Workout of the Month - March 2007 Unique Unilateral Fat Loss Program

The March workout (Ten 10-Minute Workouts) is now available, and so are videos for the workouts.

Click here for the workout.

Click here for the VIDEOS.

5) What's Coming Soon on www.TTMembers.com

We have interviews with Carter Schoffer, the head trainer for Dr. Berardi's Precision Nutrition Team, as well as a 2nd interview with nutrition expert Mike Roussel, this time about Nutritional Landmines for Health & Fat Loss.

And April's workout? TT Muscle at Home. A mass-building workout you can do at home with only dumbbells.

Thanks for reading this week's TTmembers.com newsletter.

To become a member, click here: http://www.ttmembers.com/public/10.cfm


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Author, Turbulence Training

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