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home | Free Newsletters | Issue 3: Exercise Inventor Nick Nils . . .

Issue #3: Exercise Inventor Nick Nilsson Shares His Secret Fat Burning Methods
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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The www.TTmembers.com FREE Newsletter

Inside Issue #2...

1) Extreme Fat Loss - Ask Exercise Inventor, Nick Nilsson

In our fat loss interview section, we talk to bodybuilder and fat loss expert, Nick Nilsson. Nick is always coming up with crazy exercises and programs that shed fat and build muscle. Just check this one out...

CB: If you had only 3 sessions per week of 45 minutes, how would you train for fat loss?

NN: To really maximize fat loss in a limited timeframe, I have a training technique I call Fat Loss Circuit Training. Basically, you go back and forth between weights and cardio, NEVER taking any full, inactive rest for the entire workout.

For example, you would start with a set of 8 reps of a weight exercise (we'll use chins as an example). You start with a set of 8 reps (push yourself on these sets!) then, with no rest, immediately do 40 seconds of moderate-pace cardio. Then, again with no rest, go right back to chins for 8 reps (or as many as you can do). Then back to cardio for 40 seconds. Repeat this for all sets for the duration of the workout.

The first few sets seem pretty easy, but as you get into it, you'll find it's one of the toughest workouts you can do -- it revs up your metabolism like crazy! The key is to not approach it like "regular" circuit training where you just spin your wheels on the resistance training and don't push yourself.

Think of it like this...you're doing a regular resistance-training workout but instead of taking inactive rest between sets, you're doing cardio.

This technique, done 3 times a week, will definitely get results as your body gets NO rest at all during the whole workout.

Read about Nick's top 3 unconventional fat loss methods here: http://www.ttmembers.com/members/166.cfm

2) Exercise Video Clip of the Week for Platinum Members

The Cross Crawl - A standing abdominal exericse.

Click this link to watch and listen to the video & instructions: http://www.ttmembers.com/members/180.cfm

(Note: Exercise videos are for Platinum Level Members Only)

3) Forum Topic of the Week: The 300 Workout

300 Workout Posted by Craig Ballantyne

Today I did the 300 movie workout from the March issue of Mens Health.

Its a challenging 300 repetition workout put together by a trainer for the lead actor in the 300 movie. Actors name was gerard butler I think.

This isn't how they did their workouts...it was just a test of his strength-endurance.

Here's the workout...all exercises are done without rest. Just go, go, go.

Pullups - 25 Deadlifts with 135lbs - 50 Pushups - 50 24-inch Box jumps - 50 Floor wipers - 50 1-arm 36lbs Kettlebell Clean n Press - 50 reps Pullups - 25

Butler's time was 18:11.

Remember, he didn't practice this workout...and neither did I.

My time: 19:07

My butt was kicked by a hollywood actor.

And I don't plan on doing that any time soon, or really, ever again.

Fortunately, my gym has all the equipment needed. Yours might not.

(Although we only had 44 and 30 pound kb's - so I did 20 reps with the 44's and 30 reps with the 30 pound kb's)

Also, this obviously an advanced workout...you shouldn't do it unless you are as fit as a college athlete.

Fortunately, this can easily be changed. Appropriate exercises should be subbed in, and you should drop down to 100 total reps - or as .: recommends - 4-6 exercises of 15-25 reps each.

For some other ideas on how to do it, go here: http://joshsgarage.typepad.com

CB www.TTmembers.com www.TurbulenceTraining.com www.WorkoutManuals.com

Posted by Craig Ballantyne

I was just asked what a floor wiper is...

Answer: lie on the ground and hold a barbell above you like you were doing a bench press, and then take both legs to one plate, then back to the floor, then to the other. windshield wipers i guess/

kinda weird, but holding 135 pounds in the press position was brutal. i was doing 5-10 reps at a time.

once you get past the deadlifts...you're doing everything 5 reps at a time. or less.


Posted by MaggieW

According to 300 trainer Mark Twight's gym site, it was the actor who played the leader of the Arcadians (not one of the Spartan boys), Andrew Pleavin, who finished the "300" in 18:11.

300 @ www.GymJones.com

One day I will try the modified version of that workout. Maybe when I'm really mad about something. :)

Read the rest of the discussion forums here.

4) Workout of the Month - Urgent Notice!

In addition to the March Monthly, Basic Level TT Members can also download the January and February Monthly workouts for FREE!

However, that's about to change. The last day to download the February and March monthly workouts will be Saturday, March 31st. After that, only Platinum Level TT Members will be able to download these unique fat blasting workouts.

Subscribe today, and you'll get access to all 3 monthly workouts that have been released this year, plus you'll be amont the first to download the April TT workout - TT Muscle-Building at Home.

April's workout will give you a 3-day per week muscle building workout that can be done with only dumbbells and bodyweight exercises.

Click here for the workouts.

5) What's Coming Soon on www.TTMembers.com

Alwyn Cosgrove - an exclusive fat loss interview coming April 2nd!!!

Thanks for reading this week's TTmembers.com newsletter.

To become a member, click here: http://www.ttmembers.com/public/10.cfm


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Author, Turbulence Training

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