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Issue #5 - 3 Most Common Fat Loss Mistakes
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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Turbulence Training Members FREE Fat Loss Newsletter

Inside Issue #5...

1) Female Fat Loss Transformations - Expert Trainer Erik Ledin Goes "Against the Grain" to Help Women Lose Fat

CB: Erik, your website features incredible before and after transformations of your clients. Now many of these clients of yours have competed before and made great progress, yet do even better when they come to you - without giving away too many of your secrets, what mistakes were they making on their own?

EL: Well actually, a number of the competitors showcased on my site are first time competitors.

They were clients who had the simple goal of getting in great shape and then decided to take it to the next level and do a show. I think there's something to be said about competition as it relates to goal setting. While it's obviously not the only way, a competition serves as a 'deadline date' of sorts and really gives you something to train for.

Contrast two people, both who obviously want to get in shape, but one has set a deadline and it's getting closer every day. The other, their goals remain someone undefined in terms of a time line. I think more often than not the person with the deadline will have better results.

But to answer your question, I think it really just comes down to the fact that there's just so much misinformation out there -- much of it created by the old school dogma of the bodybuilding and fitness industry. How many times have we read in muscle magazines over the years about high reps for fat loss and definition and ... tone? I hate that word.

Or about session after session of low-intensity steady state cardio? We're still seeing this in various popular publications and it's a practice very alive and well in the competitive side of the industry. I just read an article where a figure competitor says she does 1-2 hours of cardio twice per day. That's just ridiculous.

Generally speaking I have found that the most common mistakes being made out there are:

1. An over emphasis on low intensity steady state cardio It's just an inefficient form of exercise for fat loss and quite honestly, it doesn't burn that many calories anyway.

Does it have its place? Sure. But there's a reason some people have had to resort to steadily increasing their cardio to as high as 60-120 minutes per day -- it doesn't burn that many calories, so you have to do a ton of it to get any significant results.

There's also the issue of increased efficiency. When trying to lose fat, we don't want to be efficient. We want to be inefficient. The more steady state cardio you do, the more efficient you become at it and the more you generally have to do. Why else would subscribers to this theory have to keep on doing more and more of it?

Now, I'm not so sure the increased efficiency adds up to much in the way of lost calories burned, but something is happening for people to have to do progressively longer sessions. I don't know about you, but my time is a bit more valuable than that. So the first thing I do is cut that nonsense out, introduce some interval training and take the fat-loss focus off cardio.

2. Too much volume and an emphasis on lighter weights I'm not sure where this idea came from originally, but I think I'll just blame the bodybuilding/fitness industry again.

There's this idea that when you're dieting and trying to lose fat, that your training needs to be based on high reps, really short rest intervals, isolation exercise (to carve in the cuts right?) and set after set after set after set.

I can see a place for the shorter rest intervals during parts of the program, but the high reps, light weights, isolation exercise emphasis is just way off track in my opinion. And the volume? Crazy. I don't understand why people increase volume and do more work when they're eating less. It just doesn't make sense. Your ability to recover from training is lower when you're calories are reduced, and yet many people are doing more work.

Most if not all would be far better off keeping some heavy strength focused lifting in their programs while emphasizing multi-joint compound exercises and lowering their overall exercise volume.

3. Undereating I can't tell you how many times I've had to tell people that they need to be eating more food if they want to lose fat...

Click HERE To read the rest of the interview and what Erik says is the most UNDERUSED Fat Loss Tool.

2) Exercise Video Clip of the Week for Platinum Members

Touchdown Lunge With Audio

Get a little extra out of your lunge by holding your arms overhead in a touchdown position. This incorporates the upper back muscles and gets your shoulder blades moving for shoulder mobility. . . .

Click this link to watch and listen to the video & instructions.

(Note: Exercise videos are for Platinum Level Members Only)

3) Forum Topic of the Week: How to Beat the "End of Day" Munchies...

Here's just one of the posts from our thread on how to avoid "blowing it" on your nutrition program when you get home from work and are too tired to make dinner...

****Original Post by gimpy

when I walk in the door after work it seems like my willpower vanishes. My husband keeps food in the pantry I try to avoid; primarily cookies, chips & crackers. He's naturally very lean and has no trouble limiting his consumption. Since I'm trying to lose fat and eliminate these types of foods, they naturally draw appeal as something to crunch after a day of eating chicken breast & salad! My brain knows I have the potential to undo an entire day's good eating, but sometimes stress takes over. Any tricks to teach me to overlook the pantry? Thanks! gimpy

Posted Apr 14,2007 8:58 AM RobB

You need to try to "re-train" your mind to eat something else. If this is just an hour or so, before dinner, I like to eat carrots,dipped in low cal honey mustard. Sweet taste and a lot of fiber....or you can use the traditional mustard ( 0 cals ), or you could use a taco type sauce. Anyhow, you can get the sweetness and the fiber...drink a glass of water with them.....hope this helps.............RB

Posted Apr 14,2007 11:30 AM skymoses

Have you tried asking your hubby to give up those foods? It'll do him a whole lot of a good too, even if he is naturally lean.

Posted Apr 14,2007 1:59 PM gimpyq

Yes, even told him I'd walk around the house naked.....but still he comes home every so often with his 'junk'. He mostly eats clean; I'm very fortunate that he actually prefers baked chicken and veggies, but old habits die hard.

Posted Apr 14,2007 4:08 PM Craig Ballantyne

I would have your favorite type of apple lined up to help you at that time.

I know, I know, real exciting...but...better than the alternative.

And while not a great fix, finding a good tasting protein bar would work, and you could have half of a protein bar rather than a handful of cookies.

Or better yet, some of maggie's protein bar recipes...put those to work.


Posted Apr 14,2007 5:02 PM apuraja

the perfect snack, acc. to Mike R. - two string cheese servings and an apple.. you get fiber, protein, enough fat and antioxidants

Posted Apr 14,2007 5:56 PM Craig Ballantyne

Also, you should experiment with having some nuts around the house. Just a small handful (1oz) will take the edge off your hunger.

And nuts are a great example of where "a calorie is not a calorie". One study showed, if I remember correctly, that an equal number of calories from almonds lead to more weight loss than an equal number of calories from low-glycemic carbohydrates.


Posted Apr 14,2007 8:33 PM gimpyq

Wow, that's good to know about nuts. I buy enormous bags of walnuts and almonds at Sam's club, toast them in the oven until brown, and YUM!

Posted Apr 14,2007 8:42 PM Craig Ballantyne

How long do you put them in the oven? What temperature?

Posted Apr 15,2007 2:06 PM gimpyq

About 15-20 minutes, until they look nicely toasted. I set the oven at 350, and once or twice turn them with a spatula.

Posted Apr 16,2007 10:24 AM Diep

I like roasted almonds with some raisins and golden currants thrown in...the raisins give a nice sweet balance to the almonds, which satifies even this chocoholic's sweet tooth!

Posted Apr 15,2007 5:45 AM AlexB

I know this feeling - that early evening is my danger time aswell - luckily i go to the gym mid evening though.

my favourite snacks: Humus & carrots almonds& fruit usually apples - they are in season feta& garlic spread ( Lisa's) on wholemeal toast - this is really a pre-workout snack humus on wholemeal crackers

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5) What's Coming Soon on www.TTMembers.com

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Thanks for reading this week's TTmembers.com newsletter.

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Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Author, Turbulence Training

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