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home | Free Newsletters | Issue 6 - The Toughest Leg Exercise . . .

Issue #6 - The Toughest Leg Exercise Ever
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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Turbulence Training Members FREE Fat Loss Newsletter

Inside Issue #6...

1) Have you voted yet?

Let me know which monthly program you would like made available to Basic Level Monthly Members. I'll be pulling a bonus workout from the archives and making it available for download for a few days in May.

Click HERE to cast your vote for the free TT program.

2) Exercise Video Clip of the Week for Platinum Members

Is this the toughest single-leg exercise ever? If I had a nickel for every person that cursed my name when doing this exercise in a TT program, I'd be rich!

Click this link to watch the video & get the complete instructions.

(Note: Exercise videos are for Platinum Level Members Only)

3) Forum Topic of the Week: ...

Q: Are doing the intervals directly after finishing the weight portion of the TT workout a requirement or one of convenience? I started the original TT this week and was doing the weight stuff (plus a little more) in the AM and then intervals in the afternoons (on the same day). I have a pretty flexible schedule and gym access and I like breaking the day up. Plus it gives me two chances to have starchy carbs if I want them given the Precision Nutrition way of doing things. Am I reducing the programs effectiveness by splitting it up?

CB: As I said in the 1st teleseminar, I am now suggesting that intervals are done on the same day as the strength training (which you are doing).

We havent seen one approach work better than any other. ie. a) Strength plus intervals all in 1 workout vs. b) Strength plus intervals all in same day, but split into 2 workouts vs. c) Alternating days of strength plus intervals

Thanks, and let us know how it goes!

Q: Hi Craig, First the programs work - I can feel it and I can see it ( so can others ). My question - instead of doing intervals of speed ( 0.5 min at 12.6 1.5 min at 5 ) can I do interval with the elevation of the treadmill? Can I put the speed at 8.6 and do 1.5 min normal run 45 sec elevated ( between 1.5 elevation and 4 elevation )? All this for the same 12 minutes I would do the speed intervals. I hope I made myself clear. Thanks, Jeff


Yes, but mind your calves. The incline will stress them in a much different way than running for speed. Be conservative, and don't overdo the volume this way to start. I.e. do a couple intervals this way at a low incline before you work your way up to all the intervals at a high incline

Read the rest of the forums, including what I recommended for advanced ab training HERE.

4) Workout of the Month - May 2007: The TT "300" Workout

Are you ready for a challenge?

Let's hear how you do with the TT 300 workout. Use this 4-week advanced fat loss program (NOTE: not for beginners) to build stamina and burn fat, and then finish the program with the TT 300 challenge. Can you break the 15-minute mark? Can you achieve an Elite Fitness Level of less than 10-minutes?

Click here for the May 2007 workout and videos.

5) What's Coming Soon on www.TTMembers.com

Teleseminars! We just finished out first Turbulence Training Teleseminar on Thursday, May 3rd. In these teleseminars I'll go into more depth on your #1 fat loss problems - something I just can't do by email or on the forum.

Support the Fight Against Cancer Please visit www.Liftstrong.com and support the fight against cancer by purchasing your own copy of Lift Strong - a CD-ROM packed with inspirational and educational articles about training, overcoming the odds, and winning at life.

Thanks for reading this week's TTmembers.com newsletter.

To become a member, click here: http://www.ttmembers.com/public/10.cfm


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Author, Turbulence Training

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