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home | Free Newsletters | Issue 7 -- An ab exercise that will . . .

Issue #7 -- An ab exercise that will test your mental toughness, and get results!
Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS
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Inside Issue #7...

1) Secrets to Natural Weight Loss - Mike Robertson is a strength coach and personal trainer in the Indianapolis area. He got into the field because he loves helping people achieve their goals, and he's just genuinely fascinated by improving and developing the human body.

CB: Mike, what have you learned about successful fat loss programs since you have been training? Can you give some examples of experiences you've had with men and women?

In all honesty, Craig, I feel too many people "over think" fat loss. In most cases, you can really simplify it down to these factors:

1) Improving diet, and making true LIFESTYLE changes 2) Increasing muscle mass via strength training 3) Increasing EPOC to maximize the fat burning process 4) Hard work and putting ALL these factors together into a program

[CB's note: EPOC is also known as post-exercise metabolism.]

When you whittle it down to these factors, the rest kind of falls into place. For example, I have lady I'm working with right now who weighs as much now as she did almost 27 years ago when her twins were born, but she's more muscle and strength than she ever has!

CB: What are your thoughts on common fat loss myths like "long, slow cardio is best for fat loss"?

I think a lot of people are still caught up in the "low-intensity, long duration" concept and it's keeping people from their goals.

Guys like yourself, Alwyn and others have really shown that brief, intense workouts can go a long way to getting the body you've always desired.

I think people's first reaction is to think, "Low intensity, long duration sounds perfect - I don't have to work hard!" It's not that this method won't work, but I feel it's better employed on "off" days to crank up energy expenditure. As a stand alone fat loss method, it's very limited.

CB: Spill a couple of your fat loss secrets...you have any tips for rapid fat loss, or for the stubborn last few pounds of fat?

I'm not so sure they're secrets any more, but here are two things I really like to use when getting people lean:

1) Heavy strength training workouts with brief rest periods (30-60 seconds).

As well, I put a lot of exercises in for the lower body here; not only is there a lot of muscle there, but you expend a ton of energy and crank up the EPOC in the process. Most people don't like training legs because it's "hard," but that is what's going to get them in the best shape in the least time!

2) For the last few pounds, you have to really dial your diet in to make it happen.

I used to make weight for powerlifting meets all the time, and while there are certain tips and tricks used to "make weight," you also really have to dial your diet in and have 100% adherence. For most, 90% adherence is good enough - give people a list of "good foods" and then let them choose for themselves.

But if you want to get that last little bit, you're going to have to sacrifice a little more.

Click this link read the rest of Mike Robertson's secrets to natural weight loss.

2) Exercise Video Clip of the Week for Platinum Members:

An ab exercise that will test your mental toughness, and get results!

Click this link to watch the video & get the complete instructions.

3) Forum Topic of the Week: ...

I've started to follow the TT for Muscle Program. Just wondering where AB training comes into the equation...and what's the best AB routine to follow ?

Direct ab work is highly overrated, and generally unnecessary provided you are doing the right exercises (like the ones in that program).

If you want to add ab exercises, put them at the end of the workout and check out this ab video on youtube that was just posted for ideas on ab exercises:


How often should a lifter take a week to deload and recover? I've seen some recommendations of once every 6-8 weeks for beginners and 3-4 weeks for more advanced lifters.

I don't feel rundown at all, but I've been doing workouts for 7 weeks straight and am wondering if and how I should take some time to recover.

Maybe take one day off after 8 weeks. Other than that, re-evaluate after 12 weeks. "Life" usually causes enough training interruptions for the average person that they don't need to plan a week off. Just stay on top of monitoring your body and take some time off when you feel it needs it. Read the rest of the forums, including a discussion on Exertion Headaches HERE.

4) Workout of the Month - May 2007: The TT "300" Workout

Are you ready for a challenge?

Let's hear how you do with the TT 300 workout. Use this 4-week advanced fat loss program (NOTE: not for beginners) to build stamina and burn fat, and then finish the program with the TT 300 challenge. Can you break the 15-minute mark? Can you achieve an Elite Fitness Level of less than 10-minutes?

Click here for the May 2007 workout and videos.

5) What's Coming Soon on www.TTMembers.com

5 new bonuses...but only for a limited time! If you aren't a platinum member, you won't get access to these limited time bonuses available June 4-6th.

And don't forget, membership prices are doubling on June 1st. Get locked in at your rate today.


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Thanks for reading this week's TTmembers.com newsletter.

To become a member, click here: http://www.ttmembers.com/public/10.cfm


Craig Ballantyne, CSCS, MS

Author, Turbulence Training

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