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This is the area we store files, pdfs, program examples and other materials which you can download and use.

Some of the files in the download area have been compressed into the .zip file format to speed downloads and reduce problems with browsers recognizing downloadable files.

To use these files, you'll first have to download them onto your comptuer, and then unzip them. If you don't have an unzip program, we recommend Winzip, which you can download from www.download.com

Click any link below to find files or to read a description of any specific file. From the file description page, a single click starts the download process.

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 Turbulence Training for Fat Loss
 Sept. 2007_TT for Abs
 Nutrition Guidelines from Dr. Mohr
 Oct. 2005_TT Original Bodyweight
 June 2006_Hardcore TT Fat Loss
 October 2008_TT Bodyweight Cardio
 Jan 2009_TT 2K9 Fat Loss
 Feb. 2009_TT Buff Dudes-Hot Chicks
 Jan 2008_TT2K8 Fat Loss
 May 2008_TT Big 5 Fat Loss Circuit
 April 2008_TT for Lower Abs
 Meal Plans for Men & Women
 Nov. 2008_TT BW Cardio V. 2.0
 High-Octane, Fat Burning Recipes
 Transformation Secrets
 May 2018 TT Fast & Furious
 April 2018 TT C.S.C.S.
 March Madness 2.0 - The Return
 February 2018 TT Power 5
 January 2018 TT Metabolic Mastery
 December 2017 TT High Frequency
 Nov 2017 TT Bodyweight 1000 2K17
 TT 5x5 Version 2.0
 Yoga with Missi Holt - CTT
 Sept 2017 TT Breaking Fat
 August 2017 TT Metamorphosis
 July 2017 Old Skool vs. New Skool
 TT June 2017 Power of One
 May 2017 TT Meathead Mashup
 TT Addiction 2.0 April 2017
 March 2017 TT Metabolic Furnace
 Feb 2017 TT Four to the Core
 Jan 2017 TT Maximus
 TT 10 Minute Bodyweight Express
 Nov 2016 Reformed Meathead Redux
 Oct 2016 TT Fat Loss Express
 September 2016 TT Double Vision
 August 2016 TT Kettlebell Carnage
 July 2016 Bodyweight Power Surge
 June 2016 TT Gold
 May 2016 TT 4D Abs
 April 2016 TT Metabolic Hybrid 1.0
 March 2016 TT Meathead Power Surge
 Feb 2016 Variable Fat Loss
 Jan 2016 TT #1 Priority